actively building resilience

+ identify, analyze and assess risks, opportunities & threats

+ plan & prepare for disruptions and disasters

+ create, update, manage & access key documents anywhere at anytime

+ maximize planning & response collaboration

reduce risk through planning & preparation

Buying or building shields and walls for protection can get expensive and unwieldy for your organization. Instead, create relevant and targeted Policies, Standards, Procedures, & Plans for your organization for all levels and varying processes.

build resilience through analysis & assessment

Creating a Resilient organization is not a magic trick or luck; it takes proactive work. Manage your organization’s risks and vulnerabilities through effective Identification, Analysis, and Assessment of the Threats and Hazards.

helping your business stay in business

Organizations live in a world built on uncertainty. From Natural Disasters to Man-made Catastrophes, organizations must survive change… and change always has a price. Effective Planning & Preparation on the front end can save lives, assets, and capital precisely when you need them the most!

building resiliency through risk management
lesreD builds tools that help you increase your organization’s resilience by reducing risk

Incident & Emergency Management

A fire, a cyber-attack, or a burst water pipe can be devasting when the right resources are not available to deploy. Create your incident or emergency plans and guidelines in advance, and significantly reduce your cost and time to respond.

Continuity, Recovery & Resumption

Failing to plan for extended outages and disruptions can bankrupt or significantly hurt a company. Build business continuity, disaster recovery, and resumption plans that are aligned with current standards and industry best practices.

Security Management

From securing an office to protecting travelers across the globe, organizations are faced with security concerns every moment of each day. Improve your organization’s security, while mitigating threats and keeping people and assets safe. 

Custom Risk Tools

Most of us think of Risks as things we need to avoid because bad things may happen to our organizations… and to us! There are risks from missed opportunities as well as risks from taking or avoiding actions. Planning for and assessing both types are crucial to keeping organizations sustainable.

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